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harbourmaster Single Sign On

harbourmaster Single Sign On

With the harbourmaster Single Sign On (SSO), Valiton has developed a solution for our customers, especially from the media industry.

Whether they are registered users, newsletter subscribers or anonymous users - all kind of visitors on websites, online shops and apps are essential for the online business.

As long as the business consists of particular apps, websites or online shops with registrations and newsletter subscribers, the world seems to look simple.

Many Content Management Systems like Drupal or WordPress have already included a built-in user management.

For your Mobile App you may have considered to register via Facebook or Twitter.

With the rapid growth of your online business, using various apps, websites and landing pages, the need of a Single Sign On solution arises by now at latest.


With the harbourmaster SSO, Valiton has developed a solution for our customers, especially from the media industry. As part of the Thunder initiative of Hubert Burda Media the harbourmaster is now available as a Freemium version: https://valiton.github.io/harbourmaster-docs/


Some of the main strengths are:

- Private Hosting

- Cloud Scaling compatible

- SaaS hosting by Valiton possible

- Newsletter Management

- Subscription status Sync with email service providers

  (Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Elaine, ...)

- Integration of subscribers status

- Management of data protection and advertising agreement

- Paid content access control

- Traffic Inflow control, e.g. traffic from search engines and social networks

- Mobile App SDK (premium version only)

- Cross Domain login / logout and login with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus et al

- API Driven - all functions can also be accessed by third-party systems via API

- Self Service Widget for user using Docker container


Valitons various years of development experience in NodeJS was the base to implement the applications in the harbourmaster SSO and to develop a fast and resource-efficient SSO solution as a loosely coupled architecture. harbourmaster is also the central component for access management of premium content on publishing sites. We can perfectly apply our knowhow in the field of online shops and mobile apps into the integration of third party systems

For more information about harbourmaster SSO please feel free to contact us directly.

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Your Contact Person

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Managing Director

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